Grape Variety: 100% Airén
Alcohol: 38%
Bottle Size: 700ml
Barrel Ageing: 30 years in old American-oak casks which have previously contained Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez 
Nose: Delicate bouquet and an elegant aroma of noble wood.
Palate: It is a very tasty and pleasant wine, and it has a long aftertaste.
Food Pairing: Drink alone, raisin cake, coffee, chocolate and ice-cream
Serving Temperature: 20-25°C

Álvaro Domecq SL 30yrs Duque de Veragua Gran Reserva Brandy DO Jerez-Xérès NV

SKU: ES0001
  • 西班牙 赫雷斯索萊拉特級珍藏 30年「雪莉白蘭地」

    葡萄品種: 100%愛人
    酒精: 38%
    容量: 700ml
    橡木桶陳年: 30年於曾經釀製Sherry之酒桶釀製內
    香氣: 酒色呈梨花桃木色調,明亮透澈,花香優雅、木香高貴。
    味道: 口感柔順甜美,令人歡愉,回味悠久。
    食物配搭: 單獨飲用、提子蛋糕、咖啡、朱古力、雪糕
    飲用溫度: 20-25°C

  • Limited Production: 1,000 bottles 每年限量生產1000

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